Fotocelda C554A1794 Honeywell


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Fotocelda C554A1794 Honeywell

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Product Overview

  • Cadmium-Sulfide Flame Detector with 60 in. leads, Type “R” mounting bracket and 130367 Cad Cell.
  • Photoconductive flame sensing device for sequencing oil burner systems.


  • Cad Cells: 130367 High Sensitivity CAD Cell 12 MA minimum sensitivity at 2 ft. candles
  • Mounting Bracket: Type R and E
  • Electrical Connections:leadwires: NEC Class 1
  • Temperature Range: 140 F
  • Includes:A, B, E, J and P mounting brackets and fuel line adaptor


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Fotocelda C554A1794 Honeywell